I don’t know where to start to explain how amazing Denise was in unfolding a complicated medical care mess for my father-in law. To add to the complexity, I live in Virginia and my father-in-law is in Los Angeles. After taking over his affairs a few years ago, I found out that his medical coverage was erroneously cancelled due to lack of a premium payments and he missed the window to apply for Medicare Part B. After trying to navigate the bureaucracy of getting him reinstated through his AT&T coverage, I gave up and his medical bills were mounting into the six digits. I luckily found Denise who was able to dig-in and found the right individual to work through at AT&T; plus she had to go through the great lengths of involving outside regulatory agencies to get involved in order to get him reinstated. After about a year and through her sheer perseverance and extensive knowledge; she was successful. He has been reinstated and now she is going through the detailed medical claims and getting them paid by AT&T. You are a lucky person if you have found Denise to help you — she has been my savior. Thank You Denise!!

-V.S., Vienna, VA

I will be happy to refer anyone to you should the need arise as you were a total pleasure to deal with.  I felt personally cared for and all my needs were met!  Not many services like that anymore. My family is thankful to you and always will be for your knowledgeable, kind guidance.

-Y.C., Sherman Oaks

Denise, I have to say . . . you are amazing.  You are so on top of this; I can only shake my head in wonderment.

-M.L., Los Angeles

Just a quick note to let you know once again that we think your work, your diligence, and your communication skills are outstanding!  We feel fortunate to have been introduced to you.

-M.L., Los Angeles

If any of your clients need help disputing health insurance claim denials, I cannot recommend Denise strongly enough. She is extraordinarily knowledgeable, thorough, communicative, and persistent. If anyone can get the job done and get it done right it is Denise.

 -M.L., Los Angeles