oldercoupleWe can assist you with all the paperwork and phone calls associated with insurance claims. When you are sick, all your energy should be focused on your own health and recovery, not fighting with insurance companies about payment of a claim. We are extremely knowledgeable about insurance policies and claims payment so we can read through your policies, understand what services are payable under the policy and educate you about what’s covered under your policy. If you are insured under multiple policies, such as retiree health coverage, Medicare, voluntary insurance benefits (cancer insurance, critical illness insurance) and Long Term Care Insurance, it can be very complicated to coordinate benefit payments among the various insurers and that’s where we can help.

Other professionals who need assistance in managing insurance claims on behalf of their clients can outsource the work to a health insurance claims advocate. The types of professionals who benefit from our services are:

  • Elder Law Attorneys
  • Conservators
  • Trustees
  • Estate Planning Attorneys
  • Fiduciaries
  • At-Home Senior Care Firms

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I sincerely thank you for your phone work & advice. I know in the future you will be the one to call.

– BW, Simi Valley